Emerald Coast offers a money back guarantee for clients who complete our training course and begin our program at least 30 days before their interview.

We will refund your purchase if you complete our course and are subsequently turned down for employment based on your interview performance. Completing the course means completion the online academics, attending at least one webinar, rapid fire training session, and a top off at least 48 hours prior to your interview. Additionally, we require you to have fully and completely discussed with us any negative items on your application and disclose these on the application before you were scheduled for your interview.

We will not provide refunds under these conditions:

1. Program was not started at least 30 days prior to the target interview

2. Failure to complete any of the required training sections

3. Decisions made for any reason—personal or professional—to not use the product. Sales are final at the time of purchase.

4. Failure to disclose any damaging information on your application prior to being called for an interview.

5. Failure due to knowledge testing, simulator evaluation, psychological tests, or any area not specifically covered by the Emerald Coast training program.

Emerald Coast has helped more than 20,000 pilots successfully get hired. Refunds and rejection are fortunately rare. We strive to be fair and stand behind our product and our reputation. We respectfully ask our clients to also meet their obligations in how they prepare for these airline opportunities.